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Postings for classes are expected by late winter for spring classes. Please review our schedule to see what is coming up (below)


Welcome Our International Collection of Spiritual & Healing Gifts and Books

We arrive at a decision to open the Universal Visions shop after years of research into the theory and practices surrounding spiritual, physical and psychological wellbeing. We have asked many questions of Masters of various belief systems and have come to many understandings. From this always expanding knowledge, we look forward to providing information and healing elements to you, our customers.

brad pritchardAt the shop and at alternate nearby locations we offer healing and other workchops and classes. In addition to instructors and healers of various traditions, Universal Visions owner, Brad Pritchard, works with auric fields, chakras and meridians to remove energy blocks, past traumas and limiting beliefs. This form of healing encourages moving forward with a positive outlook. His knowledge draws upon various healing modalities and techniques for mental adjustments that help you to live the life you desire.

Intuitive readings and energy healings can be performed remotely, over the phone. Brad is also able to perform spiritual house and land clearings.

Healings and readings require an appointment please. Call 978-462-4649

Brad has completed both traditional and non-traditional coursework and has earned the following credentials:

In progress are the following studies: